Finding Funding Opportunities

We assist investigators with finding funding opportunities using a several UArizona provided services including PIVOT, RII-developed resources, and Arizona Cultivate.

To book an individual training session, sign up at this link - ALVSCE Research Introduction to Finding Funding Opportunities

If you prefer to work on your own, visit the three resources listed below and let us know if you have any questions!


Resource # 1 - PIVOT

PIVOT is a portal to identify funding and expertise within as well as outside the University.

Instructions: First, bookmark the main page. Then, at the PIVOT login page, please use the "Access Pivot-RP using your Institution's Credentials (Shibboleth)" option, find "The University of Arizona", and sign in using your UA NetID as usual.


Resource # 2 - Office of Research, Innovation, and Impact Curated Opportunities

RII Research Development Newsletters - Research Development Services (RDS) identifies opportunities relevant to the University of Arizona research community and circulates them in The Current, a biweekly email digest. Highlights include funding prospects, research-related events, and learning opportunities. They also offer listings for Limited Submissions and other opportunities.

Instructions: First, bookmark the landing page. Then, follow the provided links to subscribe to each of the newsletters. We highly recommend "The Current" and "Limited Submissions". Make sure to look for their emails every Tuesday (The Current) and Wednesday (Limited Submissions).


Resource # 3 - Arizona Cultivate

Arizona Cultivate is an online platform that streamlines the process for applying for opportunities across The University of Arizona including the Office of the Provost; Research Innovation & Impact; colleges and centers; and campus Limited Submissions (opportunities where the sponsor - either federal or foundation - limits the number of submissions an institution can submit).

Instructions: First, bookmark the landing page. Then, use the search box and the filtering and sorting options to find opportunities that apply to you.